Christmas spells in Kaunas Old Town (theatrical tour)

Possible departure cities: Kaunas
100 €
1 Lithuania
100 €

During the tour of Kaunas with “Our Odyssey”, Christmas lights, air smelling like cinnamon and sweets, cozy and festive streets of the city will be waiting for you … Looks like you got into a fairy tale? No, this is the city of Kaunas shining on Christmas. Visit the fairy tale during the most beautiful holiday of the year!

“Our Odyssey” offers you a magical, festive and fun theatrical tour of the Old Town, during which guide-fairy will tell you a lot of interesting things about Christmas tree decorations, Christmas spells, a storie of a nameless ghost … During the tour you will not only listen to stories, but also look for magic a treasure hidden by our rich ancestors. Many good emotions, Christmas games, dances, surprises of the mysterious courtyards of the old town will be waiting for you. We will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the miraculous and unique flaming Gothic monument, to be surrounded by the sacral and historical atmosphere of the old town. You will discover places you will want to return to again and again! …

“Our Odyssey” team wishes you pleasant experience on your tour of Kaunas.


Date: according to your request

Duration: up to 2 hours

Route: Kaunas city

Price: 100 €

Price does not include: christmas presents

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