Interwar Kaunas Perfumery and Cosmetics Industry

Possible departure cities: Kaunas
100 €
1 day Lithuania
100 €

During the tour of Kaunas with “Our Odyssey” we will learn that the beginning of the beauty and fragrance industry of the temporary capital is connected with the need for clean and hygiene goods of our own production and the development of the soap industry. Walking around the Old Town, we will find out where the soap factories were and how they competed with each other, what tricks they used to promote the purchase of soap and exclusive texts in the press, what scents were invented in Kaunas and even appreciated at world exhibitions. The guide will tell you about the secrets of the names and recipes of interwar perfumery products and their variety, what sculptures were made from soap for the Agriculture and Industry Exhibition, how many and what kind of medals Lithuanian industrialists brought from world exhibitions and many other interesting things.

“Our Odyssey” team wishes you pleasant experience on your tour of Kaunas.


Date: according to your request

Duration: up to 2 hours

Route: Kaunas city

Price: 100 €

Price does not include: a piece of original interwar soap 🙂

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